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Shed Number 2

British Rail Carriage Luggage Rack Netting - New

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Brand new! Yes, that's right, brand new luggage rack netting for British Rail Mk1 and pre grouping carriages luggage racks. They are all handmade and to original quality. 

More available to order. 

Dimensions: 8ft suburban whole width netting  250cm x 50cm (stretched) or compartment 175cm x 45cm (stretched) choose below. 


All our products are made from original Wool or Wool Blend Moquette, using high-quality metal zips and UK sourced materials.

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Care Instructions

Moquette is super-duper tough. If it gets a bit dirty, a good firm brush should do the job... For something really stubborn try some carpet cleaner. If in doubt - drop us a line.