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About Us
Shed Number 2 is a London-based purveyor of global transport moquette fabric and gifts. With transport fabrics spanning the globe from Los Angeles and Sydney to across the United Kingdom and London, we will have products to delight any busy or rail enthusiast from 6 to 106. Check out our pencil cases, iPad cases, cushions and fabric and refurbished railwayania furnishings and train carriages. We have something for every taste and pocket.
About our Founder - Marcus
Shed Number 2 began with a simple moquette cushion bearing the design of the new London Underground S stock trains. It was a gift from Marcuss aunt to say thank you for a much sought-after pair of tickets to ride a steam train on the Metropolitan line. Striking black with subtle fluorescent lines in a square formation - even Marcuss wife loved it. Apart from being the perfect gift, it struck him that whilst transport enthusiasts would love the origin of the fabric, the design and the nostalgia, anyone could revel in the joy of a touchy-feely cushion with a pattern that would suit any home. Could there be a bigger idea in this? Indeed there was. Marcus was already a self-confessed transport enthusiast and moquette-lover, who had already created his own rail consultancy firm. In his younger years, Marcus was volunteer at the Llangollen preserved railway in Wales, where, amongst other jobs he upholstered railway seats, so this new venture was simply an extension to a long-held passion. Shed Number 2 swiftly began making wash bags and cushions from reclaimed moquette, before negotiating competitive deals buying moquette straight from the factory. The firm got its name because it was initially run from the second shed in Marcuss garden - and the products we stock breathe a second life into this industrial strength transport  fabric.
As time went on, he began to amass other transport artefacts - luggage racks, wall lights from carriages, vanity mirrors and other ephemera. Could there be a market for this too? Again, there was - but Marcuss appetite for what if?thinking knows no bounds. Anyone who works with him could be driven mad by such a huge amount of blue sky in his mind, but he attracts likeminded people for his team. So much so that Shed Number 2 currently has ambitious new projects in the pipeline. Ever fancied a luxury garden office made from an old railway wagon? Or an entire tube carriage in your garden to create a unique dining room, playroom or summerhouse? Dont blink - youll miss the gems shortly to appear on our website. Blue sky thinking brings remote dreams into the most beautiful focus. Anything is possible with hard work and passion.
Marcuss core aim was to remind people of those nostalgic moments of travel in their lives, brighten up every day, maximise its joy and preserve memories and stories. Remember the train journey home with the love of your life - you can still picture every detail of that trip, including the train. The school bus and the seat you sat on every day. Homeward bound after a sensational gig where you ended up at the end of the line- the moquette was such a comfy cushion to snooze on, wasn’t it. Why not have one for your sofa to re-live those moments that etched themselves into your mind.
Heritage and preservation still matter to Marcus - hes a huge supporter of the London Transport Museum, National Railway Museum and preserved railways, which seek to keep the best of the past in the present day, thorough hard work and determination. He shares these core values, as does the Shed Number 2 team. Join us on our journey - and take something home too. 
Our moquette range
Moquette is a French word meaning carpet- its the fabric used to cover train and bus seats the world over - and our range brings the nostalgia and quality of this robust fabric to your home. From heritage designs to the present day, youll find something to suit your taste, home design palette and pocket. In addition to our moquette products, we also sell off-the-roll for bus trimming and bigger projects.
Until recently, transport moquette was relatively hard to buy in modest quantities. Specialist museums have begun selling small amounts for hobby use, but for bigger projects and even entire bus and carriage re-trims, the options have been wholesale manufacturers or friendly trim shops. Until now. Enter Shed Number 2 Ltd. for all your needs, large or small.



These are items reclaimed from trains and buses which have reached the end of their service life. All of them are original and our sales team can assist you with your requirements or whims. Email and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

Larger projects

From entire train carriages to wagons converted into mini offices, our occasional projects are ambitious and stylish. Keep an eye on our website and blog for our stunning offering. 

Shed Number 2 Ltd

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