Moquette Offcut Bags

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What better way to flex your creative muscle on a budget than this moquette mix in a bag. Our studio generates loads of small pieces of various moquettes - and since moquette is a premium fabric with an occasionally premium price - AND given the huge demand among crafters for mini pieces for personal projects, we’ve bagged up the best bits for you. Our moquette offcut sack helps reduce waste, gives you the opportunity to to create moquette masterpieces with various designs and is the perfect way to spark some creativity on a budget. Even the bag is biodegradable. Our very own Tom will give you some suggestions for projects you can try with his factsheet, based on offcut projects of his own. And when you’ve run out, just buy another bag!

Each pack contains a variety of moquettes, always with a host of well known fabrics as well as some more unique designs. Usually consisting of the following:

5 x pieces approx. A4 paper size.

10 x pieces with surface area between A6 - A5 approx.

Don't forget to share your creations on social media with us! Tag @shednumber2 and use the hashtag #shed2creations.

Please note: Due to the nature of offcut, individual sample sizes may vary. There is a 5 day lead time before the dispatch of this item.