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BEA London Bus Moquette Fabric Sold by the Metre

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This moquette represents true class and pioneering aspiration because it’s a seat covering which would have only been seen by the chosen few. And those few were air travellers, at a time when air travel for the public was rare. From 1957 until 1974, British European Airways (now British Airways) operated short-haul flights from London Airport, which we now know as Heathrow. Passengers would gather at the London Air Terminal in Cromwell Road and be transported by bus from central London to meet their plane. It was an inspired shuttle service and the quirky one-and-a-half deck AEC Regal 4 coaches were draped with this rather gorgeous golden striped moquette. The story of this design is as joyful as the moquette itself and will add a touch of globetrotting grandeur to your home.

Perhaps the most rewarding projects are the ones you design and complete yourself. We sell moquette off the roll, by the linear metre, for your own upholstery and handicraft endeavours. Whether you fancy a set of 4 dining chairs in District, a footstool in Straub or even a car interior in bygone Bournemouth, we have rolls of moquette to choose from. Top tip: Moquette looks great when mounted and framed too. 125cm wide sold by the metre, delivered as a continuous length.


All our products are made from original Wool or Wool Blend Moquette, using high-quality metal zips and UK sourced materials.

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Care Instructions

Moquette is super-duper tough. If it gets a bit dirty, a good firm brush should do the job... For something really stubborn try some carpet cleaner. If in doubt - drop us a line.