Above: Contents of offcuts bag.

It's been a little while since I last wrote on of these - for relatively good reason, holiday and being very busy! August is one of those months where everyone goes on holiday... So the workload either dramatically decreases or increases... 

This week we launched an exciting new product that has already proven to be quite popular; Moquette Offcut Bags, these great little bags are roughly 1kg and contain offcuts that we can't really use for too much and would end up getting wasted - contents: 5x A4 pieces, 8x A5 pieces - of course this does vary slightly and that's an approximation. 

So, take a look - get the creative juices flowing! For a small price you can have an entry into the world of crafting with moquette - you may just love it... You can also feel great at the same time because you're helping reduce waste. 

Here are a few ideas of what you may be able to create... the possibilities are endless. 

moquette crafting ideas

Above: Moquette Crafting Ideas. 

Hopefully this may inspire some of you to get your needle and scissors out and start having some fun!


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