New Products Live!

New Products Live!

Last week was very exciting in terms of product development. The release of two very practical and beautiful moquette items. First of all, a Moquette Hot Water Bottle Cover - what is not to like? Seriously! Perfect for those chilly evenings, huggable, stylish, and very very hard wearing - soon to be an icon I'm sure. 

moquette hot water bottle cover - tfl bus

Above: TFL Bus Hot Water Bottle CoverFind our collection of Hot Water Bottle Covers here.

As well as these simply fantastical covers - laptop cases. Something that will really make you stand out from the crowd, arriving to that office meeting with a bit of extra wow. I spent a good many hours photographing all manners of designs of laptop cases last week - they all look so good! I even made sure a certain Blue Blaze number accompanied me home.... 


metropolitan line moquette laptop case

Above: Metropolitan Line Laptop Case. Find our collection of Laptop Cases here.

Do stay tuned for more excitement in the coming days... As well as new products. A whole host of intrigue is on the horizon... 



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