Moving! (In Real Life)

Moving! (In Real Life)

Hello all, a blog post... This is a first - not only a first in that this is our first blog post, but the subject of the post is a first too: Our first official premises! For years now, Shed No.2 has been ran from a literal shed! That's how the business got it's name... But that is for another time. Anyway, earlier today we embarked on the mission of filling our new space and moving current stock and other items from the old to the new - all using a beautifully restored 1980's British Rail Luggage Trolley - gruelling and back braking, however great fun. 

Above: Having everything moved in - the trolley itself was challenging. 

The day started with a lot of back and forth and not much progress (in terms of making the space look remotely like a workspace). Two of us loaded from one end and unloaded at the other about 30 25 meter rolls of fabric, 8 train/bus seats and a whole host of other things, all on a rickety yet beautiful luggage trolley - during an impeccably warm day, as well as having to co-operate with a very angry lift on every journey. 

Above: Emergency procedures from a ScotRail HST in place on the back of our door. 

With the end of the day now here, the place is looking more homely - things are up on the walls, the ever important sound system is in, I have a desk and there is a bus blind in the window. Exciting times are ahead! 

Keep your eyes peeled for updates. Tom. 


Above: My desk + sound system + bin (from a train of course(all of it)). 

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