All things not Moquette

All things not Moquette

This last week of product exploration and development have been very much focused around things other than moquette. Firstly, the cleaning of many used bits and pieces taken directly from railway carriages. The jewel in the crown of our railwayana haul being some wall lights taken from the compartments of a British Rail Mk1 carriage. 

lamps on a piece of moquette

Above: British Rail Mk1 lights before and after, featured on 'Trojan' moquette. 

You can see from the above image that after we had our way with these lovely lanterns the transformation is quite vast, with the left hand lamp being the 'before' and the right hand being the 'after' - a true showstopper. These are found on our eBay store. 

framed railway print

Above: Framed original carriage formica with reproduced decals. 

As well as getting our hands nice and dirty, we kept clean for some of the week - we picked up from the framers these rather nifty little framed signs and got them in the studio. Each with their own message that would be found in a BR carriage. The frame is filled with original carriage formica, on that is a reproduced decal in the same typefaces as found in the carriage. Measured at 12.5cm x 19.5cm - they'll fit almost anywhere on a spare piece of wall. Live on our site soon!

Alongside these two exciting projects, we did some ordering and research for an exciting little project - something that will be suited to the more creative folk out there. Watch this space. 


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