1938 Stock Refurb Week 9

1938 Stock Refurb Week 9

Last week our train had started having one side painted with a base coat and various interior/window fixtures had started to receive attention, as well as that, we've done a heap of work. With every little step we take, the transformation is vast, it's really nice to observe the small details that are the foundations for the overall image of something. 

cab of car 129

Image: Cab end of car 129 nearing completion. 

Our cab is now mostly a cab - it still needs paint, however, it's straight, it has a door, it has windows and it's water-tight... Just awaiting paint, destination blinds and a good polish then it's there!

fitment of cab door car 129

Image: Cab side door testing in car 129.

After substantial repair, our damaged cab side door is now fitted, with just paint and window fitting required. 

car 129 undergoing undercoat

Image: Undercoat on car 129.

Full steam ahead - or should I say full DC ahead? Most of the carriage now has either a base coat or undercoat - as pictured above (the blue undercoat). Not long now until it looks straight AND in the right colour!

Stay tuned next week for more updates... Tom. 

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