1938 Stock Refurb Week 13

1938 Stock Refurb Week 13

No more masking tape and decals applied!

1938 stock side

Image: The side of the carriage after lacquer, decals and masking tape removal.

Would you just look at that!? The gloss looks incredible, the decals period correct, and a distinct lack of paper and tape on the windows.


LU decal

Image: London Transport Decal in place on side of car 129. 

Ensuring the decals will last, they've been applied under the top coat of lacquer for that glossy finish. 

front end of car 129

Image: Front end of Car 129 looking very clean.

Without tape and paper, our train is looking rather tidy. Gone are the bent and crumbling panels - present are the shiny glossy smooth ones!

And one more image just because it looks too good not to share... 

front end of car 129(sidE)

Image: Side view of car 129.

And that's the outside of the train near enough complete... Now just to tackle the inside... Stay tuned. 

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