1938 Stock Refurb Week 10

1938 Stock Refurb Week 10

Last week we were busy making the cab end more solid and sealed. As well as doing various parts of undercoat. This week - more undercoat (hopefully the final batch) and some bogie work!

underneath 1938 stock painted

Image: Underside of car 129 with fresh paint after being restored. 

As shown in the above image, the under-carriage of our vehicle looking rather tidy after the application of fresh paint. As well as this, our bogies have undergone refurbishment and paint, as seen in the below image: 

1938 stock bogie

Image: A freshly refurbished bogie re-instated on the vehicle. 

As we near completion of the external refurbishment, we have started planning the interior. The idea is to create a multi-use space so the eventual owner of car 129 can easily turn it into whatever they wish. With mod-cons such as plug sockets and lighting being on the list, heritage is also very important. So for the interior seating, we are going to clad areas with the iconic 'District' moquette, as what would have been on these trains when they left London and first entered service on the Isle of Wight. 

Image: District by Misha Black Moquette.


Make sure to check each week on our progress as we rattle along with the refurbishment of Car 129.

Until next time... Tom

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