1938 Stock - August Update

1938 Stock - August Update

So then, since the last update, we haven't done oodles! However, progress is being made. Since it's been so damn warm, it's been tricky to do anything on the unit as it's outside, and all the work that now needs doing is inside a rather toasty sun trap! But, nonetheless, a lot of thought and consideration is being taken for the interior. 

window frames

Image: restored window frames on 1938 stock train car 129. 

We've got wood! Look! Our window frames have been lovingly restored, varnished, and polished. The windows have been taken out, cleaned and put back in. The windows actually open now - all the brass fittings have been polished too - not only is it functional, but it's also beautiful. 


brass door fittings

Image: More brass work has been given special treatment. 

It's really been a nut and bolt restoration, even the door seals have been changed, all rivets drilled out, all painted underneath the seals, cleaned, new seals custom-made, retention plates, cleaned and painted, then re-riveted with new seals in situ. The door runners have also been removed, cleaned, polished, and I think you'll agree - they look the business. 


interior of 38 stock

Image: Interior of car 129.

As you can see, progress is being made! Obviously, there is still a fair amount to do, but the fundamentals are there. So do watch this space for our exciting updates on what is next for this little train!

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