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Shed Number 2

Refurbished London Underground 1938 stock (ex Isle of Wight) Carriage

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Currently, we have three 1938 Stock London Underground Carriages, one is currently undergoing refurbishment - as can be seen here. Currently, our refurbished unit is finished on the outside with plans on converting the interior for use as a holiday rental. However, this unit can be for sale as is or to a different spec, as can any of the others in a refurbished or non-refurbished state so please do get in contact if you're interested or have any queries. 

Built in 1938 in Birmingham by Metro-Cammell, these deep-level tube trains were revolutionary. They were the first to have their traction equipment under the floor, freeing up valuable extra space for passengers. These iconic trains have had a long life, serving the Underground between 1938 and 1988. The Isle of Wight welcomed them from 1989; finally retiring them in January 2021. But their story doesn’t have to end there… perhaps you can continue their story.


Metal, wood, amongst other things.

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As with any vehicle, it will require regular maintenance, cleaning and a good polish! If in doubt - drop us a line.