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Shed Number 2

Pullman/Orient Express Victorian Tapestry Moquette Luggage Label

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Our signature luggage label is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Be proud of your favourite transport design as you travel around the country and the world remembering a little bit of home whilst you delight in exotic locations or your commute to work. Our luggage tags are designed and built to the highest standards. Finished in brass details and vegan leather this is truly one of the most luxurious luggage tags. 

Our luggage tags are durable, fade resistant and colourful meaning your suitcase will stand out from all the others!

This stunning Shed Number 2 luggage tag is finished in the Pullman/Orient Express Victorian Tapestry Moquette. Transport yourself to a world of opulence, fine dining and luxury rail travel with the 1930s style Pullman moquette. Originally introduced to add a multitude of colours to wingback chairs onboard the dining cars, this floral and leaf design has found a home on the Belmond British Pullman and UK Orient Express. If you’re lucky enough to travel on these majestic trains, Pullman carriages named ‘Minerva' and ‘Perseus’ still carry this moquette. The continental Orient Express is also dressed with this stunning fabric in some of its sleeping cabins. Also known as Victorian Tapestry, this design is a superb example of how a transport fabric can hide in plain sight in your home - you’d never know it was a design from a train. Imagine the conversation: “Nice cushions…”. “Yes - they’re from the Orient Express….”. You’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood. 

Dimensions: 14cm x 8cm . 


All our products are made from original Wool or Wool Blend Moquette, using high-quality metal zips and UK sourced materials.

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Care Instructions

Moquette is super-duper tough. If it gets a bit dirty, a good firm brush should do the job... For something really stubborn try some carpet cleaner. If in doubt - drop us a line.