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Shed Number 2

GWR Great Western Shell Moquette Pencil Case

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Imagine the days of travel even before World War 2 - the images we only really occasionally see in films. The year is 1934, to be precise. Stiff upper lip, fuss-free living. ‘A job to do and a man to do it’ was very much the order of the day. The Great Western Railway was looking to increase comfort and improve the look aboard some of its  local and suburban trains. Moquette in the form of a design called Green Shell was part of the solution. The pattern is actually a simple repeat of green seashells, but the colours are delicate. And if you’re looking for a moquette with the tangible, opulent properties of a cut fabric like this, but with less obvious associations with the railways, this could be the one for you. Rich in history, but subtle enough to suit all tastes, Green Shell is in a class of its own.

Ideal for kids, big and small, our pencil cases are robust and stylish, with a high quality zip and endless smiles guaranteed. Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm, with plenty of room for a small ruler, your favourite pens and a protractor - because no pencil case is complete without one. Relive your journey to school every day with one of our stationery holsters!


All our products are made from original Wool or Wool Blend Moquette, using high-quality metal zips and UK sourced materials.

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Care Instructions

Moquette is super-duper tough. If it gets a bit dirty, a good firm brush should do the job... For something really stubborn try some carpet cleaner. If in doubt - drop us a line.