Transport Tales Volume 6 - First Tube Trip #transporttales

Transport Tales Volume 6 - First Tube Trip #transporttales

Image: Bakerloo Interior

This week I bring you an early memory from Henry, who now lives in Germany:

I took my first trip on a tube train with my mother, just before my fourth birthday. We took the Bakerloo Line West Hampstead to Swiss Cottage. I kneeled on the green seat cushion with my nose pressed against the window, which was covered with red netting, with a little diamond-shaped opening in the middle to look through. The thing that made the most impression was the row of wobbly things hanging down with black bobbles on their ends. 

The journey started off in the open and after Finchley Road we went into the black tunnel, where all there was to see were the pipes and cables going past the window. The sound suddenly got very loud. Then we came into the underground the station with its yellow lights, stepped out of the train and was helped onto the moving staircase. Soon after, we went to Piccadilly Circus, which was distinguished by its daylight lighting. It was a mass of new experiences.

Isn't it amazing that even years ahead, people can still remember the little details, like the colour of the fabric on the seats; that's one of the things we love about moquette - it's a gateway of memories... Do you remember your first #transporttale ? Why not share it with us - just email or DM us on social media. 

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