Transport Tales Volume 5 - The No.12 to Oxford Circus

Transport Tales Volume 5 - The No.12 to Oxford Circus

armchair in routemaster fabric

This week I bring you a tale from Moquette Enthusiast - @allthemoquette_ detailing a chance encounter with some Routemaster fabric:

"About this time last year, I was walking around Peckham and saw someone parking up in a rather tidy looking campervan - something caught my eye and being the nosy person I am, I took a closer look - lo and behold; Routemaster fabric! Adorned to their seats in the front and back, and I must say it was a very tidy job. Anyway… we got chatting and the lovely lady told me that they had their van done out in it because they met on the No.12 Routemaster bus from Dulwich to Oxford Circus.

After we had a pleasant exchange me and my friend walked off - only to be chased down the road and invited into their house to see this magnificent armchair they had done in the same fabric!" 

I think that's just lovely. How fabric can bring people together, complete strangers united. Be it the characters in the story - how they met on the bus. Or how allthemoquette was just being nosy and got invited into their home. 

Do you have a transport tale? Then share it with us! We love hearing your stories. 

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