Winners - Purses

Winners - Purses

For the last two weeks we have been running a little give-away for the launch of our newest product, below are the stories the winners gave us, it was a really hard decision and it took a whole weekend to sift through the entries - but we managed it, read the highlights:

central purse

Anna chose a Central Line Purse


My name is Anna, I am a final year college student studying Art, English and sport.

I am a big fan of catching trains! There’s just something so exciting about riding fast on skinny rails and the Art Deco colours and patterns.  I get to and from college every day on shiny (NOT! Very dirty!) red south western trains. 

I saw the red moquette purse and thought it put my boring blue plastic train pass holder to shame!! Plus! It would match the train!!!

Hope you have had/have a lovely day! Thanks for reading my email :))) 

Best regards,
Anna 😄


barman purse

Ian chose a Barman Purse

Dear Shed Number 2 Team,

I hope you’re all well. 

I’m super excited by the addition of card / coin holders to the product line up and I’m looking forward to the various styles which will be offered. I’m even more excited by the pre-launch giveaway! I hope you’ll consider me as a recipient of one of these brilliant creations!

I would certainly make good use of it. I haven’t really adopted the everything-everywhere phone payments; having physical cards with me is essential especially with my 

frequent use of the tube both for commuting and for more leisurely travel around London. One of these new card / coin holders would also complement my growing collection of everyday moquette essentials, including my Oyster card wallet, tote bag and iPad case, all of which are different to each other in their various styles. 

The tube, and London’s transport system in general, is a great passion of mine. I believe no where near enough people understand the system as well as they should, especially London’s own residents, so I’ve used social media as a way of making London’s transport system more familiar and more attractive to the people who use it. My daily ‘Which Station’ quizzes on my Instagram page have become popular since I began posting them over a year ago; I run a secondary Instagram page which documents a brief history of tube stations, which I’ve found very enjoyable as I studied history at university. As a regular user of the tube, I have the privilege of experiencing and observing many different types of moquette and I’ve developed a great appreciation for it as an icon of our great capital city. 

My primary Instagram page: @ian_inlondon
My secondary Instagram page: @london_transport_explorer

If you require any further details please let me know. I very much hope you’ll consider me for the giveaway. 

Best wishes,
Ian Kelly

tfl bus purse

Marilyn chose a TFL Bus purse

Hmmm why oh why do I need a card case🤓

1) the pictured bag doesn’t have an inner pocket for cards
2) it would look pretty great to keep an Oyster card in and I could hang it from this bag
3) the bag in photo was one I made in a class with lots of help from teacher and industrial sewing machines-neither of which I currently have
4) you have way better sewing skills than I do
5) my moquette cushions always need new decor and accessory friends😂
6) they don’t have moquette socks in this pattern so I like to promise moquette pattern clashes 😂

And last but not least this would keep my cards happy🙏🙏🙏
Marilyn aka muddy-_marilyn on IG

barman purse

Daniel chose a Barman purse

Dear Shed number 2 team,

I’m writing to you regarding your instagram giveaway. I was so excited seeing it!

Why do I think I should win these fabulous coin purses?

Well I’ve been to London a few times in my life and it’s like a second cooler home to me. The smell, the energy and and the atmosphere of the city is a thing I miss all day everyday. Since the pandemic hit I wasn’t able to travel so much and now as a fresh student I won’t be able to travel as muss as well. However- I’d love to have a piece of London with me everywhere I go(even tho my tube card never leaves my wallet!) 🥰

And just for the sake of being reasonable- in Germany cash Is King! I need me a nice coin purse 😂

Thank you for the chance, best regards!

Daniel Bloom

tfl bus purse

Kathy chose a TFL Bus purse

I would absolutely love one of these purses as a gift for a friend. She is obsessed with the moquettes and collects lots of associated items. She recently broke her arm and elbow very badly and has been quite down. One of these would really give her a lift! 

Thank you for the chance to win one for her. 


met line purse

Gemma chose a Metropolitan Purse


Oh my, how insanely lovely and cute are the purse/coin holders! 

I would love to be considered for one….. my Nan and I spent many a day on the tubes and trains in London together, some of my funniest and fondest memories were spent on public transport with her. 

She was a character and loved nothing more than using her pass taking me around London to see the sights. 

I miss her dearly. 

Please consider me as a careful owner for a purse of memories. 


Gemma Morris x 


Reviews to come soon. 

The give-away may be over, but fret not you can now get one yourself. 

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