New Year, New Ideas

New Year, New Ideas

Well, 2022! Blimey, where did 2021 go? 
The New Year is now well underway, the end of the first proper working week of 2022 is done and dusted and at Shed HQ we've been working hard on advertorials and devising new ideas... We've got some exciting things in the pipeline for the coming months. 
A look back on 2021: 
New Products: 

moquette hot water bottle cover (tiger)

Pictured: Yorkshire Tiger Hot Water Bottle Cover

We launched so many new products last year! Seasonal, and functional, from laptop cases to Christmas stockings, we spent a huge amount of time designing and testing new ideas and listening to your feedback on what we make. More to come in 2022!


shed door

Pictured: the door of our HQ.

We got a proper HQ! We still have our founding shed and it's still very much in use, but we expanded, taking on new staff meant more space was needed... There's still some work to do but it's a great, creative space... A tour is on the cards for 2022. 

Tube trains:

1938 tube train roof refurb

Pictured: The refurbished grille in place on a repaired 1938 stock roof. 

In 2021 we acquired some ex-London Underground 1938 stock as previously used on the Isle of Wight and in London itself. We have one listed for sale still. The other is being refurbished by us, work started in December last year and it's due to finish later this year... Keep your eyes peeled!


moquette pencil cases in the wild

Pictured: Moquette pencil cases in the wild in Amsterdam. 

Throughout 2021 we managed to go on many 'moquette adventures', one of the highlights was in October: We were supporting our sister company RASIC at the World Passenger Festival, saw the sights, showed off our lovely moquette, and had a great time.

Early in the year we spent a lot of time on the road acquiring moquette, and more recently spent a number of days in North Wales lifting 1930's railway wagons... There's never a dull moment! 
Here's to 2022 and may it be a moquette-filled year!
Take care and stay safe. 
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