Moving/using the new space

Moving/using the new space

photo studio

Photo studio in use. 

For the last week and a bit not so much transformative progress has happened in our new space... But the utilisation of the facility has begun! A few minor changes have happened - more things on the walls, more things moved in for future projects, setting up bits and bobs - but actually using the space has been great!

Office supplies.

Fabric, products and other ready for exciting projects. 


The biggest change is having the photo studio set up, making processes much quicker and having high quality imagery on tap is a god send. A particular favourite element for me of the space is the photo studio as a photography graduate myself. Today was the first day of properly using everything on hand, storming through many images of new exciting products - soon to be seen on our site... Keep your eyes peeled. 


Cushions ready for shooting. (The picture next to the light promptly fell off as soon as I moved the light slightly). 


In the very near future more big changes will be happening so stay tuned on here and on the site as a whole - as well as social media... A moquette store with a twist, an exciting host of products and other ingenious inventions are soon to come! 



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