Moving - Day 2

Moving - Day 2

So then, day 2 of moving... An equally busy day, this time not so much moving, more making and less back breaking! Things are starting to take shape. 

Above: Making, sawing, measuring.

The Second day of our grand move was left to me, this was where I could get creative - putting things in place, tidying, creating things; building a second desk out of a train table at the correct height for a conventional chair, making a 'conference area', adding additions to the walls... Loads going on. 

Above: Conference area and wall hangings. 

As well as various creations throughout the space, I was able to turn my focus to behind the scenes research - focusing on the modern day essentials: Broadband etc... And eyeing up the photo studio and the workings of that, with a few hiccups along the way with sourcing equipment - it is starting to take shape. 

Above: beginnings of photo studio. 

Although somewhat basic at the minute, this area will become an integral part of the business - I just need to bring a backdrop down from home; which should be easy, but they're big, heavy and delicate - I just took the engine apart in my car, so it may be a little while before that gets moved... It's all very exciting! So much more to come and so much to talk about.... Until next time. Tom 



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