Going International

Going International

pencil cases made of moquette next to a tram

Above: Here are some of our pencil cases on tour in the centre of the city, right by the Central Station, with a tram making a cheeky appearance.

This last week Shed Number 2 spent a few days at the World Passenger Festival 2021 in Amsterdam, supporting our sister company RASIC. Our range of products were so warmly received and we’ve made some fabulous new friends in the railway industry. We’ve shown all sorts of people how evocative and joyful moquette can be - and we hope to see our order book bulging in the run up to Christmas. And off the back of it we may see some of our products available in a wider range of international fabrics. 

Not only did we get to show off our products, we were able to explore the Netherlands a bit - with the final 'work' day being the teams 'Christmas Party'... Yes, in October - but we though we'd seize the opportunity whilst over seas; we went on an 'upside down' experience, a nice lunch AND we went on a double decker train - a little more exciting than a few drinks back in a bar in London. (The double decker train was my suggestion for our day of fun). 

Keep your eyes peeled for some European additions in the near future. 


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