rear repair metal

1938 Stock Refurb Week 7

Well, earlier this week was our last update - however, the content was from the previous week. This week, like every week prior - we've been rather busy. With repairs continuing to the bodywork - this time to the rear of the carriage. 

cut out of 38 stock ready for new metal

Image: Cut out of a section of the rear of Car 129 awaiting new metal to be welded. 

As well as continuing our body-work repairs; which are very nearly reaching completion! We've also continued work on the window front - having started to install glass and mask said glass ready for paintwork! 

windows installed and masked on 38 stock

Image: Windows installed, sealed and masked on Car 129.

Don't the windows look good? Very shiny and clean! And with luck, they'll be water-tight! Finally, we've been having a bit of fun with our doors... We're still waiting on a couple of replacements - the ones we could save were pretty rotten so a fair amount of work has gone into removing any corrosion, with new metal being welded in place.

door being refurbed on car 129

Image: One of the doors having gone extensive repair work and a coat of paint on Car 129.

It's safe to say our door looks quite nice as doors go!

All things are go and our little tube train is taking shape... I'm impressed myself each week - let us know your thoughts... Email us at or DM us on our socials!

Until next week. T. 

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