1938 Stock Refurb Week 6

1938 Stock Refurb Week 6

Sorry, it's been a little over a week since the last update! Time sure does fly... 


Last week the majority of our efforts were focusing on window frame repairs, internal wooden window frames, some work to the cab and a few bits of welding at the rear of the vehicle. 

window farme 1938 tube stock

Image: Repair to one of the many window frames of Car 129. 

Can't tell anything has been done? Well, that is the point! Our poor crispy window frames are no longer that! they're exactly how they should be - solid and gleaming. 


wooden window frame 1938 stock

Image: Re-working the wood on one of the many window frames of Car 129. 

Doesn't the window frame look good with some fresh wood!? It's quite the contrast from the slightly rotten, over-varnished wood from the vehicle's previous life. (Obviously yet to be varnished - but not too much!!)


welding to the rear of 38 stock

Image: Some rather gorgeous welds on the rear of Car 129. 

We've had to replace a substantial amount of steel throughout the vehicle - unfortunately, the excessive exposure to salt air got to the poor carriage - but it's really taking shape now... Aren't these welds just stunning? 


our door fits - 38 stock

Image: Cab door of Car 129. 

Our cab door fits! When we received the unit, the front end was so twisted and bent that the cab side door didn't fit! Now, however it's a different story - fits like a glove. 

The end of this project is certainly in sight... Exciting things are coming. Watch this space. Catch up later this week, Tom. 

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