1938 Stock Refurb Week 5

1938 Stock Refurb Week 5

Our last update was a big step forward. The roof was pretty much there - straight, sealed, water-tight and stunning - top coat in situ. Various panels had been primed, straightened and in shape.


Now, we have fully primed sides! The panels are beautifully straight, not a blemish in sight, all the rivets are whole and it's all finished in a rather garish green primer.  Take a look: 

side of 38 stock primed

Image: Primed side of Car 129. 


That's one side - however, the other side has needed a few alterations before primer - namely the cutting and welding of new metal to replace old rusty steel. 


cutting and welding new metal on side of tube train

Image: New metal cut and welded into place to replace rusty metal on Car 129. 


And other than that this week; we've been busy stripping more interior and prepping and repairing internal panels to ensure all our outside work is going to be mated to a solid internal shell. 

stripped interior of car 129

Image: Stripped interior exposing internal panels on Car 129. 

These weeks are certainly flying by - it only seems like yesterday I was writing of our last update. Anyway, stay tuned for more updates - lots of goodness to come!  Tom

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