1938 Stock Refurb Week 4

1938 Stock Refurb Week 4

Week 4. Our roof has a top coat on it! Our little tube train is really taking shape. The roof looks like a roof. Panels are looking more straight. A new lease of life is on the horizon! 

1938 stock roof top coat

Image: Topcoat applied to the roof of Car 129. 

As well as applying a rather nice looking topcoat to our unit, we have been c our quest for perfect panels: 

repair to door surround on 38 stock

Image: door control surround repair on car 129. 

weld/repair on 38 stock

Image: Roof repair on car 129. 

Rust? Nope... Any sign of rust and it's cut out, cleaned, treated and new metal is out in its place. All the panels have been thoroughly inspected and currently, we're amending any issues that have come to light during inspection... But for an 80 odd-year-old railway vehicle it's in very good nick! 

panel filling

Image: Panel work on car 129. 

Look at how straight she is! We've been hard at work making these tired old sheets of steel look as good as they possibly can. It's certainly getting there. 

See you next week for more updates! Until then, have a great week. Tom. 

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