1938 Stock Refurb Week 3

1938 Stock Refurb Week 3

Week 3 of our 1938 stock adventures! Last week we were repairing damaged panels and stripping paint for inspection. This week we have been finishing up body repairs and adding primer! It's really starting to take shape now: 


cab end side painted in primer of 38 stock

Image: side of front cab end primed and bodywork corrected. 

As seen in the above image - the side of the cab end has been painted in primer - doesn't it look smooth!? It's certainly taking shape. 


cab end having work done of 38 stock

Image: front of cab end half primed and filled. 

Above is the cab end you saw last week - what a transformation! It's straight and no longer rusty, primed on one side and filled the other - it's not far away from receiving a topcoat. 


interior stripped of 38 stock

Image: interior being stripped. 

And we're slowly moving onto the interior! Stripping it to inspect the floor and give it a general refresh - it looks so empty!


Do stay tuned for updates on our progress each week. 



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