1938 Stock Refurb Week 2

1938 Stock Refurb Week 2

So, week 2 of our refurbishment. What have we been up to? Well, last week we were working on the roof mostly, as well as uncovering the lovely bits of corrosion and rust. For the most part, this week has been sorting and finding more of the previous issues (rust and corrosion) - as well as straightening out one of the cab ends. 

front of 1938 stock train repair

Image: Front end repair to cab end 129, cut and weld new section, strip to metal, fill. 

As seen in the above, the cab end is looking mostly complete, previously it was in quite a sorry state - with dings and bends in 3/4 of the lower panels. Luckily the glass is still in-tact! The repairs so far are looking very clean. 

bent cab end 38 stock
Image: Front end bent inwards (view: from the inside). 


door from 1938 tube stock primed

Image: Door being primed with base coat ready for top coat.

As well as bending and welding, the majority of the shell is being stripped of any paint to be inspected for underlying issues... As well as then receiving a base coat in this rather interesting shade of green. 


side of 1938 tube train

Image: Paint stipped for inspection, roof with base coat applied. 

Doesn't it look good as bare steel? Shame we can't keep it like this! Anyway. The majority of the vehicle has had the paint stripped, so that means any repairs necessary can be carried out and the roof is now ready for its top coat. 

Stay tuned next week for more updates. 


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