1938 Stock Refurb Week 11

1938 Stock Refurb Week 11

Last time we updated you there was lots of base-coat work now complete, alongside starting to consider the interior. 

These last couple of weeks, base-coat work has continued... As well as door seals being removed - with new custom seals on order, and various interior bits of joinery seen to - and boy does it look good. So for this week, enjoy a slightly more image-heavy update - as I feel like they do the talking. 

1938 stock front view

Image: Last coat of base-coat for the right side and front end. 


side of 38 stock tube train

Image: Roof and windows masked for painting, rear-end being filled and smoothed ready for further base-coats. 


team at work on 38 stock

Image: Our team assessing their handy work. 


side door 38 stock

Image: Leaving no part untouched - detail is key.  


38 stock interior

Image: Our interior, surprisingly looking more complete than previously. 


interior joinery on 38 stock

Image: Some of the stunning joinery in the interior of car 129. 


joinery car 129

Image: More joinery goodness. 


open window 38 stock

Image: All the designed opening windows now open fully! 


work on 38 stock

Image: Everything done by hand, to perfection. 


painted undercrriage on car 129

Image: Bogies and under-carriage painted.


panels and paint straight

Image: All panels straight, all paint flat and smooth. 


base coat

Image: Base coat pre and post sanding after filling.


flattened paint

Image: Each layer of paint and each imperfection is smoothed and flattened for a spotless finish.



cushions on 38 stock

Image: Our District and Blue Blaze Cushions hanging out with car 129 - which at one point featured both fabrics. 


Well, isn't it looking simply stunning? Do check back for updates most weeks... Until then, stay safe and enjoy the sun! 


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