1938 Stock Refurb - July Update

1938 Stock Refurb - July Update

So then, a month has passed and we haven't updated you! But, worry not - our tube train is still very much in the works... It's just that time of year when everyone goes away! 

38 stock outside shed

Image: 1938 Stock basking in the sun.

It's outside! No longer cooped up in the shed, the unit is now basking in the sun and catching the eyes of passers-by. Sitting pretty it may be, but it's not done! 

door handle close up on 38 stock

Image: Close-up of our polished(but not too much) door handles. 

The attention to detail on this refurb is what does it for me - look at those handles! They're not pristine, but you don't want that; it's an 80-year-old vehicle and having a bit of patina suits it far more than a perfect polished finish... And the screw heads - they all face the same way, the lines on the paint (the streaks are just from rain - will be polishing soon!). It's easy to make something look nice from 5 feet away, but making something look exceptional up close - there's a skill in getting that right... What's that saying? The devil is in the detail. 

doors open on 38 stock

Image: Doors open on Car 129. 

Now all the doors on the unit function, previously they didn't - although this time it's a mechanical affair - hence the beautiful handles. The trickiest part was finding a door seal that didn't require the pressure of hydraulics... There isn't one, so we had to get 4 sets made. These new seals have a female and male side, so when put under light pressure - one collapses into the other to form a water, wind and whatever else you can throw at it tight seal. 

rear end of 38 stock

Image: Car 129 showing its rear-end in all its glory. 

No part untouched, the carriage has really received the full treatment. Next on our list is the interior, with a few ideas floating around... Watch this space. For now, enjoy a few images of our lovely little unit: 

Door open button cleaned

Image: Even the open/close buttons have received a gentle clean. 


front end of 38 stock

Image: Note the rather snazzy air vent.


LT decals

Image: Every inch of the vehicle looking splendid. 


end of car

Image: I just love the roof rivets.


cab end of 38 stock

Image: Even the grab rails have received special treatment. 


I hope you enjoyed seeing that little snippet of carriage porn... Stay tuned for updates on the interior shortly...


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