1938 Stock Refurb Week 1

1938 Stock Refurb Week 1

If you head to our homepage, you'll see that we are currently selling two ex-London Underground 1938 stock tube carriages, as seen on the Isle of Wight until very recently, and before that rattling up and down the Bakerloo, Northern, Central, Piccadilly and even The East London Line. At the same time as acquiring the two we have for sale, we picked up a spare - why wouldn't you? 

Now, why do we need a spare? To restore of course. As well as selling trains and cushions and other lovely bits and bobs, we do actually quite like the railways... So as a bit of a passion project, we have decided to restore one of the '38 stock carriages into a gleaming example of the stock. 

So far we've done a fair bit! It's taking shape. The specific vehicle we are restoring is number 129... It came to us in quite a sorry state but will surely be fighting fit by the time we're done with it! 

Last weeks progress mainly involved work to the roof and uncovering hidden gremlins! As seen below:


grinding/removing paint from the roof of a train

Image: Paint removal and prep of the roof of car 129. 


roof cut out 1938 stock

Image: Rust removal and prep of the roof of car 129. 


roof prep on car 129

Image: Prep of the roof of car 129. 

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