NSE Donkey Stripe 2nd Class Moquette Pencil Case

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In the days when Standard was called Second Class, Network SouthEast introduced a fresh look to its trains between London and Clacton with a striking blue, black and orange moquette. Far from being second class, it provided a calming sea of blues with a sharp and vivid flash of colour. The enormous Network SouthEast franchise introduced one of the most loved external liveries of all. The mix of red, white and blue was iconic - and looked equally great on a brand new commuter multiple unit or an Isle of Wight ‘tube’ train dating back to the 1930s. Interiors had a touch of class with horizontal lines all the way, with a brown design in First Class, which we also stock. You may also know this design as ‘Jaffa Cake’ for obvious reasons! These exact trains - and this moquette - ended their days working on Regional Railways services out of Manchester. Both are available in a variety of product lines.

Ideal for kids, big and small, our pencil cases are robust and stylish, with a high quality zip and endless smiles guaranteed. Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm, with plenty of room for a small ruler, your favourite pens and a protractor - because no pencil case is complete without one. Relive your journey to school every day with one of our stationery holsters!