London Bus & London County Green Line (Greenlines) Bus Moquette Dining Chair

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We have an exclusive range of chairs which are beautifully upholstered in some of the classic moquettes of our time. They’d look perfect as statement pieces in a bedroom or home office. They could also be bought in groups to furnish an entire dining room. And if your favourite chairs need sprucing up? No problem. We also can arrange for your chairs to be upholstered too.

The London Transport roundel travelled well past the boundaries of the capital after World War 2. The Green Line and London Country bus networks penetrated Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Essex and Kent. And those joyful, rural journeys used vehicles like the Regent Four (RF) single decker with an exquisite moquette design. Green Line whispers the countryside, class and geometry and it began being used on seats in 1952. The moquette was designed by Ingles and Dutton. A block and line formation in dark green, olive and red was purposely created to enhance the striking optical effect and to accentuate the welcome to these vehicles. But as was the case with a number of designs across London Transport in posters and fabrics, red symbolised the city and green was the emblem of the countryside. Green Line is a perfect homage to long, leisurely bus trips as the rolling hills flew by.